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07 August 2008 @ 07:26 pm
Oh, gosh. This lj is going down, so down.
So, i can't handle this. College and my others sites make this situacion harder.
Then, people, i invite you to visit my  "real spaces", those in wich I can show my "art" (let's say it that way). I hope you enjoy them


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17 September 2007 @ 08:59 pm
If you haven’t read Eclipse, you’ll be spoiled!

Today, in my Marketing class, i was having a discussion with a friend of mine about the next book "Breaking Dawn" and the possible next plot. I mean, what could happen after all? Bella and Edward are together now, she has decided her future.. the only think that can bring a problem is transformation, but Edward had made a choice... they're getting married, and he is gonna transform her in vampire. Then i think that transformation isn't an entire plot for a whole book... there has to be something else! but.. what?.. so we were thinking all the possibilities.. Edward and Bella love each other sooo badd.. so there isn't a possibility to break up.-. All the stuff with Jacon is over, right? She has accepted her condition, and she has chosen Edward for the rest of her human and vampire life. Ok. Soo? what could be? Another girl maybe? I still remember the Tania's chapter (not so well.. but something) and i know Bella felt curious about that.. like.. jealous.. what if Edward has another story and he didn't tell anything? Impossible. They don't have secrets right? Soo.. our last chance was thinking about an human wish that Bella could bring in the middle of her lovestory: to have a baby. It's not that ridiculous.. I mean.. she has accepted commitment, so she can ask for something else.. be a mother is something that she is leaving, one of those things that she leaves in the past for be a vampire. So.. what if she thinks that possibility? After all, she is gonna be a wife... what is a wife without a complete family? What if after transformation she doesn't feel that "motherly" sentiment? What if she does?.. Ok.. now.. Edward can't be a father, right? He only can transform another persons, but he can't have a kid... On Twilight Lexicon says: As Edward explains, "I can’t sleep." , and "most human fluids are absent… no sweat, no tears," and no blood of their own. So, from i understand... he has lose all his human biology.. so... he wouldn't be able to be a real father. Then with my friend have arrived to a conclusion: the only way to have a kid is to tranform another kid in a vampire... because if Bella can't be a mom being human and being vampire neither.. i cannot see another choice. So.. the question is.-. Would they tranformate another kid and take him as their own child? How could that be? A seventeen couple being married and whit a kid.. would they transform a baby? Because i think they wouldn't take a human life just because they want a baby.. it's so selfish.. it's not how they are. So.. in the end.. what could be the most reasonable thing to do?
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15 September 2007 @ 09:00 pm

This is how i want to be the chapter #1 of breaking dawn... kinda sickly sweet.. lol

1. Blush

She was so absorbed in her dreams that when she woke up and found herself with the same image that she always had in mind, she didn't manage to realize that already it was by day and was accompanied, from the previous night. Her eyes were opened slowly as curtains to begin the spectacle in which his face was the protagonist, the star, since he was in the habit of being so much for her as for everyone that was looking at him. Now it was not necessary to worry for the schedules, for running, for Charlie. She had an eternity to share with this face, this face that so much cried in his absence and so much she loved when she had it nearby. That was making her blush over and over again , an unconscious action that was shaming , and driving him crazy.

He kissed her forehead and his cold lips settled then in her throat. Red spots and a deep ardor settled in her cheeks, since it was in the habit of happening whenever he was entering in touch with her, anyhow. Before the effect of the kiss, he smiled and her cheeks became more pink still. There was nothing more sweet in the world that an awakening like this that she so much loved. It was not necessary to have anything more to enter situation after the dream, after dreaming .. only to continue dreaming. He took her of the hand, and with this smile among angelic and naughty he played with her fingers, kissing them, closing the eyes and remaining absorbed in his thoughts, digressing .. smelling her perfume, while she was feeling that the skin was burning her in the middle of his cold and stony hand. His eyes returned to be opened, to show a smile of satisfaction. His eyes were shining because the reflection of the Sun that was entering the window, of a golden liquid so spectacular that they were looking like small chunks of gold, tiny that were shining inside his pupil. His lips bowed sweetly, up to coming to an angelic smile, of which she was so in love.

Edward returned to close the eyes, this time to submerge deeply in a dream that both knew that it was impossible. He wasn't sleeping, but his face was reflecting an eternal, immaculate peace, which stopped without breath to Bella, she was contemplating it still, after so much time.. as a work of art, a monument of porcelain of real size, with his perfect facial features delineated by natural shades that were changing tonality when his face was moving across. But this time he was still, as a statue, as a Greek god. His eyelids were lying concealing the beauty of his calm eyes, his chin doing ostentation of the perfection of his curves, his forehead, his frown.

Suddenly a grimace drew in the extravagancy of his facial features, a harmonious and candid gesture, a mixture of inconvenience and mischievousness, of frustration and amusement.


- You are more special than you believe, Bella. However much I try it, I cannot try to guess even which are the thoughts that fly in your head whenever you redden ... before that begins to make me feel frustrated for this barrier, can you say something please?


Bella remained speechless before the declaration. She didn't know that this so strange grimace was meaning that he was trying to know what she was thinking, that he was looking at least for an indication of what was happening in her head. As if in this moment it was mattering. And she was special. In this situation of beauty, in which he was shining because the minimal reflection of a poor light that was entering to the room, this wonderful unfolding only for her, and SHE was the special one. It was too perfect to believe it. These raise should be different of her dreams. He was so annoyed after observing her in several minutes, while she finally realized that she hadn't said a word since she has woke up, and from this moment they had passed.. who knows how many minutes.


- Bella, do you feel well? Are you daydreaming? Bella .. move the head in sign of affirmation if you have woken up already.


She shook stubbornly the head and left it fall down on the pillow. Edward laughed happily and then he approached to continue observing her, while he was caressed with the top of his fingers her lips.


- Have you been the whole night here? - she asked while she was separating his hand of her face to interlace his fingers with hers.


Last months had been magic. Edward had been the whole nights in Bella's room, and she liked to sleep in his arms, but it was intimidating her to know that he was remaining awake, listening like she was speaking in her dreams, while she was sleeping placidly.


- Yes, but now I must return. I think that you need a rest from me. I have suffocated you too much, to the point that already you do not know if you sleep when you wake up or you act in the dreams. Am I turning out to be very dull, truth?


- No! Don't go away! I'm well, you'll never suffocate me, I will never get tired of your presence...


Bella embraced him strongly, and then he kissed her cheek and laughed sadly.


- Bella... it isn't that I want it this way, but maybe you need little air. Both we spend ninety per cent of the day together, if it isn't any more. I can get used, you know all that I like to be with you, but you will end hating me if I continue to removing yourself your last human days. Already we'll have the whole eternity to be united. I don't say that we separate, but maybe you should evaluate the option to do other activities with your friends, to return to see your companions before each one starts a different way. It's not late yet. We will be united, but I want you not to lose anything through that later you could not return to live.


- I have already told you that this is the life that I want to live. In no other experience that doesn't involve you I am interested more. I don't want to have you far away from me. I don't imagine the life without you. You're my another half and despair if I know that you aren't here with me. Seriously, I don't want to do anything any more than this.


He laughed and took her in his arms strongly in a few seconds. Then he looked at her fixedly with sweetness and supported his lips in her neck, inhaling strongly her scent. Bella felt that the room was turning to great speed, until she felt to dispel.


- Bella, love .. stop doing this. Stop subduing me with your vulnerability. I will never be able to stop being your shade twenty-four hours of the day if you do this to me. You drive me crazy whenever you faint away in my arms for one only kiss.


She reddened immediately and hid her face under the pillow.


- You know that I don't do it purposely.


After her confession, Edward's eyes filled with a fire that incinerated furthermore Bella's cheeks. He took her face with his cold hands, and kissed her with so many passion that Bella thought that something was lighting fire it surrounds. Initially she stopped to remove for the present time. She knew that however much she presses against her body and she tries to support in this place, there would come a point in which he would separate of his lips to support it to except. Leaving her this mixture of dizziness, dissatisfaction and fall after having flown so highly.


Nevertheless, Edward was kissing her every time with more force, without being opposed to the narrow thing that both were. Bella reacted and tangled her fingers in his hair, pressing strongly his head in her direction. He lowered his hands to her waist, took it firmly and continued to kissing her frantically. Bella began to look with her another hand for the first button of Edward's shirt, rubbing his neck in the unsuccessful attempt of search. Finally she found it, unbuttoned it strongly and left her hand in his hard chest as the rock. Edward didn't object like he had done other previous times, but he didn't collaborate with her either. His aim was in another place completely removed from the buttons of his shirt, or the bretel of Bella's blouse, that was getting thin gradually.


Edward began to kiss her cheeks, while his hands were caressing her hairs, her shoulders and were going down again for her waist, to end in the abdomen. His mouth was going down for the throat, up to ending in her neck where Edward settled passionately kissing it with devotion. Bella understood that she couldn't go back. They had come very far. She had allowed him to continue, had prevented him from stopping before it is very late for both. Edward had refused always to come to this situation, for the her safety, for her good, but he wasn't intending directly what she believed in a beginning. Actually, Edward was on the verge of to give the step that so much they had discussed, it was on the verge of being the causer of this transformation that he had objected so much.

Bella couldn't reason with clarity, was too much disturbed by the fact that the lips of the love of her existence were kissing her energetically, and it was leaving her even neither to think, or control herself. In a second he understood the gravity of the matter. He felt that her stomach had overturned. She felt the nerves of knowing that they were her last seconds before turning into something totally different, of confronting an immense pain, and the worst thing: with the additional risk of which Edward was situated out of control, and that could finish for well, like for bad.


The self-control that she so much was overestimating vanished before the panic that was reflected in her eyes. There were two possibilities: to be transformed of unexpected form into vampire, without having at least the time to say goodbye to Charlie and Reneé at least, or to die in the attempt.

Nevertheless, in the middle of all her theories, Bella couldn't stop kissing him, and she never tried to separate from him. Condemnation was immersed in a kind of sweet, something that she knew that was putting it in danger, but she didn't want to leave it either. As a drug, which creates a dependence so big that leads to the death.

Unexpectedly, Edward's lips stopped sharply and he collapsed on her sighing deeply. In the thousandth one of second, the perfect body that was resting on her, was of backs, looking for the window, a sky that suddenly had clouded over and threatening with a prompt storm to freeing itself.


- Sorry, it was my fault, I shouldn't ... Please, don't get angry...


He didn't answer. He remained of backs a few seconds, until finally he turned with the low head, and he went very slow towards her, to take her hands and to speak softly almost in a sigh.


- I cannot imagine the life without you. Don't force me to end with myself. This destroys me. I cannot love you of the way that I do and to be hanging of not killing yourself while I'm with you. Do you see why do you need a rest of me?


- Then, if you make me choose between your absence and death, already you know which is the answer. It wouldn't be important for me to die if it's being with you, if otherwise I might not have you. Let's do this of once. You know that there is a way of being united without traversing risks. I have overcome all with you. Now I don't want to wait any more. I don't want to suffer any more looking you going away from me everytime you feel that you lose the control. Edward ... I want to die if you don't stay with me, but I want to live forever if you decide to stay, if you love me. Do you love me?


- With all my heart.


-Then give me the eternity close to you and if there's some risk, it will mean nothing in comparison with not having you.

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11 September 2007 @ 11:10 pm

I decided to make my own Twilight playlist, with all the songs that remind me the Edward & Bella Story. Add yours too! It's nice to know what kinda music have the other people in their heads when they're reading!

Song to say goodbye/ Placebo
One Step away/ Elisa
I can't fly/ Gabriel
Ti scatterò una foto / Tiziano Ferro
Sere nere/ Tiziano Ferro
Mr Brightside/ The Killers
Run baby run /Garbage
Who wants to live forever /Queen
Don't leave home/ Dido
Eternety/ Robbie Williams
Nobody can win/ Garbage
Kissing you/ Dess' re
Love me like you/ The magic numbers
Must get out/ Maroon 5
Can you bleed like me? /Garbage

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04 September 2007 @ 04:38 am


 - "And speaking of Italy and sports cars that I stole there, you still owe me a yellow Porsche.” — Alice Cullen

- "I prefer brunettes.” — Edward Cullen

“There’s something…strange about the way you two are together… The way he watches you—it’s so…protective. Like he’s about to throw himself in front of a bullet to save you or something.” — Renee Dwyer

“Here’s the thing… I’ve already gone crazy once. I know what my limits are.” — Bella Swan

 - “Do you ever think that your life might be easier if you weren’t in love with me?” — Edward Cullen

 - “I already know how strong you are. You didn’t have to break the furniture.” — Bella Swan

- "Would you like to hear my story, Bella? It doesn't have a happy ending—but which of ours does? If we had happy endings, we'd all be under gravestones now." — Rosalie Hale

- You aren't exactly the best judge of what is or isn't dangerous." — Edward Cullen
 “Well, that just sucks! I guess I’m stuck with Mike Newton after all.” — Bella Swan
"Fall down again, Bella?” — Emmett Cullen

- “Besides…the more time I spend with you, the more human emotions seem comprehensible to me. I’m discovering that I can sympathize with Heathcliff in ways I didn’t think possible before.” — Edward Cullen

“I was just wondering why you stabbed him. Not that I object.” — Edward Cullen

 - “Would you please tell me what you are thinking? Before I go mad?” — Edward Cullen

- “I can’t imagine how awful that must feel. Being normal? Ugh.” — Bella Swan

 “I know you think that I have some kind of perfect, unyielding self-control, but that’s not actually the case.” — Edward Cullen 

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03 September 2007 @ 08:41 pm

I was Alice Cullen for a night!! Me and all my friends went in a trip (in Patagonia). It was great! We have a fancy dress party, and we were the Cullen family. I felt so excited! Unfortunately, i hadn't my Jasper.. :S
There wasn't an Edward, neither... (damn).. We weren't as beautiful as the Cullens.. but we had some much fun, anyway.. xD

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03 September 2007 @ 07:04 pm
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03 September 2007 @ 07:19 am

Hi everyone! This's my first fanfic, named "Blush". I couldn't wait for more, so i decided to write "the chapter numer one" of Breaking Dawn. Unfortunately, i had no time since then, so i couldn't write the chapter 2 yet.  I hope you enjoy it! Kisses..

1. Blush (Rubor)

            Estaba tan absorta en sus sueños que cuando despertó y se encontró con la misma imagen que tenía siempre presente, tanto despierta como dormida, no llegó a darse cuenta que ya era de día y estaba acompañada, desde la noche anterior. Sus ojos se abrieron lentamente como cortinas para comenzar el espectáculo en el que su rostro era el protagonista, la estrella, como solía serlo tanto para ella como para todo aquel que lo mirara. Ya no había que preocuparse por los horarios, por correr, por Charlie. Tenía una eternidad para compartir con ese rostro, ese semblante que tanto lloró en su ausencia y tanto amaba cuando lo tenía cerca. Que la hacía ruborizar una y otra vez, una acción inconsciente que la avergonzaba y a él lo volvía loco.

            Besó su frente y sus labios fríos se posaron luego en su garganta. Manchas rojas y un ardor profundo se posó en sus mejillas, como solía suceder cada vez que él entraba en contacto con ella, de cualquier manera. Ante el efecto del beso, él sonrío y las mejillas de ella se tornaron más rosadas aún. No había nada más dulce en el mundo que un despertar como esos que ella tanto amaba. No hacía falta nada más para entrar en trance luego del sueño, luego de soñar.. solo para seguir soñando.

            La tomó de la mano, y con esa sonrisa entre angelical y traviesa jugó con sus dedos, los besó, cerró los ojos y quedó absorto en sus pensamientos, divagando.. oliendo su perfume, mientras ella sentía que la piel le ardía en medio de su mano fría y pétrea. Los ojos de él volvieron a abrirse, para mostrar una sonrisa de satisfacción. Sus ojos resplandecían ante el reflejo del sol que entraba por la ventana, de un líquido dorado tan espectacular que parecían pequeños trozos de oro, diminutos que brillaban dentro de su pupila. Sus labios se curvaron dulcemente, hasta llegar a una sonrisa angelical, de la cual ella estaba tan enamorada.

            Edward volvió a cerrar los ojos, esta vez para sumergirse profundamente en un sueño que ambos sabían que era imposible. No estaba durmiendo, pero su rostro reflejaba una paz eterna, inmaculada, que dejó sin aliento a Bella, que lo contemplaba todavía, después de tanto tiempo, como una obra de arte, un monumento de porcelana de tamaño real, con sus facciones perfectas delineadas por sombras naturales que cambiaban de tonalidad cuando su cara se movía de un lado a otro. Pero esta vez él estaba quieto, como una estatua, como un dios griego. Sus párpados yacían ocultando la belleza de sus ojos tranquilos, su mentón haciendo alarde de la perfección de sus curvas, su frente, su ceño.

            De repente una mueca se dibujo en la extravagancia de sus facciones, un gesto armonioso y cándido, una mezcla de molestia y picardía, de frustración y diversión.


- Eres más especial de lo que crees, Bella. Por más que lo intento, no puedo siquiera tratar de adivinar cuáles son los pensamientos que vuelan en tu cabeza cada vez que te ruborizas... antes que comience a sentirme frustrado por esta barrera, ¿puedes por favor decir algo?


Bella quedó estupefacta ante la declaración. No sabía que esa mueca tan extraña significaba que él estaba intentando saber lo que ella pensaba, que él estaba al menos buscando un indicio de lo que pasaba por su cabeza. Como si en ese momento importase. Y ella era especial. En ese trance de belleza, en el que él brillaba ante el mínimo reflejo de una luz pobre que entraba a la habitación, ese despliegue maravilloso sólo para ella, y ella era la especial. Era demasiado perfecto para creerlo. Estos planteos deberían ser otro de sus sueños. Estaba tan mareada luego de observarlo por varios minutos, que finalmente se dio cuenta que no había dicho una palabra desde que se había despertado, y desde ese momento habían pasado quién sabe cuántos minutos.


- Bella, ¿te sientes bien? ¿Estás soñando despierta? Bella.. mueve la cabeza en signo de afirmación si has despertado ya.


Ella sacudió torpemente la cabeza y la dejó caer sobre la almohada. Edward largó una risa alegre y luego se tendió al lado de ella para seguir observándola, mientras paseaba la yema de sus dedos en los labios de ella.


- ¿Has pasado toda la noche aquí? - Preguntó ella mientras apartaba la mano de él de su rostro para entrelazar sus dedos con los de él.


Los últimos meses habían sido mágicos. Edward pasaba toda la noche en la habitación de Bella, y a ella le gustaba dormirse en sus brazos, pero la amedrentaba saber que él permanecía despierto, escuchando como hablaba en sus sueños, mientras ella dormía plácidamente.


- Sí, pero ahora debo volver. Creo que necesitas un descanso de mí. Te he sofocado demasiado, al punto que ya no sabes si duermes despierta o actúas en los sueños. ¿Estoy resultando muy pesado últimamente, verdad?


- ¡No! ¡No te vayas! Estoy bien así, tú jamás me sofocarás, jamás me cansaré de tu presencia...


Bella lo abrazó fuertemente, y él besó su mejilla y río tristemente.


- Bella, no es que lo quiera así, pero tal vez tú necesitas un poco de aire. Ambos pasamos el noventa por ciento del día juntos, si no es más. Yo puedo acostumbrarme, sabes cuanto me gusta estar contigo, pero terminarás odiándome si continuo a quitarte tus últimos días humanos. Ya tendremos toda una eternidad para estar juntos. No digo que nos separemos, pero tal vez deberías evaluar la opción de hacer otras actividades con tus amigos, volver a ver a tus compañeros antes de que cada uno emprenda un camino diferente. No es tarde aún. Estaremos juntos, pero quiero que no pierdas nada que después no puedas volver a vivir.


- Ya te he dicho que es esta la vida que quiero. Ninguna otra experiencia que no te involucre me interesa más. No quiero tenerte lejos. No imagino la vida sin ti. Eres mi otra mitad y desespero si sé que no estás. En serio, no quiero hacer nada más que esto.


Él rió y la tomó en sus brazos fuertemente por unos segundos. Luego la miró fijamente con dulzura y apoyó sus labios en su cuello, aspirando fuertemente su aroma. Bella sintió que la habitación daba vueltas a gran velocidad, hasta que se sintió desvanecer.


- Bella, amor.. deja de hacer eso. Deja de subyugarme con tu vulnerabilidad. No podré jamás dejar de ser tu sombra las veinticuatro horas del día si me haces esto. Me vuelves loco cada vez que te desmayas en mis brazos por un sólo beso.


Ella se ruborizó inmediatamente y escondió su cara bajo la almohada.


- Sabes que no lo hago adrede.


            Ante su confesión, los ojos de Edward se llenaron de un fuego que incineró aún más las mejillas de Bella. Tomó su rostro entre sus manos frías, y la besó con tanta pasión que Bella pensó que algo se prendía fuego cerca.

            Al principio dejó llevarse por el momento. Sabía que por más que presione contra su cuerpo e intente mantenerlo en ese lugar, llegaría un punto en el que él se apartaría de sus labios para mantenerla a salvo. Dejándole esa mezcla de mareo, insatisfacción y caída luego de haber volado tan alto.

            Sin embargo, Edward la besaba cada vez con más fuerza, sin oponerse a lo estrecho que se encontraban ambos. Bella reaccionó y enredó sus dedos en los cabellos de él, presionando con fuerza su cabeza en su dirección. Él bajó sus manos a su cintura, la tomó firmemente y continuó a besarla frenéticamente. Bella comenzó a buscar con su otra mano el primer de los botones de la camisa de Edward, rozando su cuello en el intento fallido de búsqueda. Finalmente lo encontró, lo desabrochó con fuerza y dejó su mano en su pecho duro como la roca. Edward no se opuso como lo había hecho otras  veces anteriores, pero tampoco colaboró con ella. Su objetivo estaba en otro lugar, completamente alejado de los botones de su camisa, o el bretel de la blusa de Bella, que se deshilachaba gradualmente.

Edward comenzó a besarle las mejillas, mientras sus manos acariciaban sus cabellos, sus hombros y bajaban de nuevo por su cintura, para terminar en el abdomen. Su boca bajaba por la garganta, hasta terminar en el cuello de ella, donde Edward se posó con pasión besándolo con devoción. Bella comprendió que no había vuelta atrás. Habían llegado muy lejos. Ella le había permitido seguir, le había impedido parar antes de que sea muy tarde para ambos. Edward se había negado siempre a llegar a esta situación, por la seguridad de ella, por su bien, pero no se estaba encaminando directamente a lo que ella creía en un principio. En realidad, Edward estaba a punto de dar el paso que tanto habían discutido, estaba a punto de ser el causante de esa transformación a la que tanto se había opuesto.

            Bella no podía razonar con claridad, estaba demasiado turbada por el hecho de que los labios del amor de su existencia la besaban enérgicamente, y eso no la dejaba ni siquiera pensar, ni controlarse.  En un segundo comprendió la gravedad del asunto. Sintió que el estómago le daba un vuelco. Sintió los nervios de saber que eran sus últimos segundos antes de convertirse en algo totalmente diferente, de afrontar un dolor inmenso, y lo peor de todo, con el riesgo adicional de que Edward se hallaba fuera de control, y que esto podía terminar para bien, como para mal.

El autocontrol que ella tanto sobreestimaba se desvaneció ante el pánico que se reflejó en sus ojos. Había dos posibilidades:  ser transformada de forma inesperada en vampiro, sin tener siquiera el tiempo para despedirse de Charlie y Reneé al menos, o morir en el intento.

Sin embargo, en medio de todas sus teorías, Bella no podía dejar de besarlo, y en ningún momento intento apartarse de él. Estaba inmersa en una especie de dulce condena, algo que sabía que la ponía en peligro, pero tampoco quería dejarlo. Como una droga, que crea una dependencia tan grande que lleva a la muerte.

Inesperadamente, los labios de Edward se frenaron secamente y se desplomó sobre ella suspirando profundamente. En una milésima de segundo, el cuerpo perfecto que descansaba sobre ella, estaba de espaldas, mirando por la ventana, un cielo que de repente se había nublado y amenazaba con una tormenta pronta a desencadenarse.


-         Perdóname, fue mi culpa, no debería... Por favor, no te enojes...


Él no contestó. Permaneció de espaldas unos cuantos segundos, hasta que finalmente se giró y con la cabeza baja, se dirigió muy despacio hacia ella, para tomar sus manos y hablar suavemente casi en un susurro.


- No puedo imaginarme la vida sin ti. No me obligues a terminar conmigo mismo. Esto me destruye. No puedo amarte de la manera que lo hago y estar pendiente de no matarte mientras estoy contigo. ¿Entiendes por qué necesitas un descanso de mi?


- Entonces, si me haces elegir entre tu ausencia y la muerte, ya sabes cual es la respuesta. No me importaría morir si es estando contigo, si de lo contrario no podría tenerte. Hagamos esto de una vez. Sabes que hay una manera de estar juntos sin correr riesgos. Yo los he superado todos contigo. Ya no quiero esperar más. No quiero sufrir más por verte alejarte cada vez que sientes que pierdes el control. Edward... quiero morir si no te quedas conmigo, pero quiero vivir por siempre si decides quedarte, si me amas. ¿Me amas?


- Con todo mi ser


- Entonces regálame la eternidad junto a ti, que si con ella hay algún riesgo, no significará nada en comparación con no tenerte.





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